About Us

THRIVE Institute of Performance & Wellbeing is a national psychology practice that provides tailored psychological sessions to individuals & organisations. THRIVE specialises in safety-critical and high-performance industries such as medicine, aviation, emergency services, aerospace, maritime, transport, mining, construction, power supply, engineering, finance, and high-performance athletic environments. Although safety-critical, high-performance environments are our specialty, anyone motivated to live a rich and meaningful life in the midst of life’s struggles will be at home working with us. 

We understand how difficult it is to find effective and timely psychological services for yourselves or your family members as professionals in high-stress industries working to maintain resilience, high performance, and through periods of struggle in such challenging times. Whilst this work can be rewarding, we understand the pressures of this safety-critical, high-performance working environment within the context of a highly regulated context and appreciate the importance of highly confidential and considered steps in providing support within the profession.

THRIVE is led by Directors and Principle Psychologists Leanne Hinsch and James Douglas who have worked for the last two to three decades with general practitioners; emergency and flight physicians; medical directors; surgical, intensive care, aerospace and other specialists; paramedics and critical care paramedics, registered nurses, midwives, nurse practitioners, mental health nurses, nursing unit managers; air wing, CIRT, detective, and specialist response police; firefighters and disaster response specialists; HEMS pilots and crew; Commissioners, CEOs, CFOs, administrators, and other professionals within the medical and disaster response and emergency services communities.

Our national network of high-performance professionals have been working alongside us for the last 7 years in the delivery of industry-informed counselling and coaching services with these communities, and in the development and delivery of comprehensive wellbeing services, peer support systems, manager training and mentoring programs, and the like.

The THRIVE team are all registered, experienced psychologists and allied health professionals, providing trauma-informed tailored psychological recovery and optimisation assessment and treatment sessions for individuals, couples, families, and teams faced with the challenges of life, mental health, and high-performance pursuits.

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